Miele Vacuums clean apartments well

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Using A Miele Vacuum
to Clean Your Apartment
With a HEPA Filter System

What’s The Big Deal About Miele Vacuums?

If you have allergies, children in your home, and worry about protecting your lungs and the air you breath in your New York City apartment, then keep reading this page. If these things doesn’t bother you, and you aren’t worried about your children being close to insect feces in your home –– well, we tried to warn you.

Why Use Miele Vaccuums?

If you don’t use a high-quality vacuum cleaner like the German-made Miele Vacuum, dust mites, dust mite feces, pet dander, and pooh from cockroaches that you may never even see would be out of control, causing allergies you never have had before, or exacerbating ones that you already do. Using a Miele vacuum with a HEPA filter (“High-Efficiency Particulate Air”) can suck up really small allergy causing particles like dust mite feces, pollen, and pet hair. Also, Miele claims that its vacuums use a Generally Activated Charcoal filter that can ‘trap 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 of a micron.’ That means that they can take those dust mites out of your carpets, and using attachments, out of your furniture, pillows, and more.

Using a quality vacuum cleaner to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your home is critical to helping prevent allergies and protect your lungs. Medical and scientific studies have shown that living in a house with lots of dust can wreak havoc on allergies, your lungs, and play a huge role in causing or exacerbating childhood asthma.

Dust Mites and Dust Mite Feces

Dust in your apartment is a breeding ground for house dust mites, tiny bugs that are so tiny, they are generally impossible to see. These moisture-loving bugs thrive by eating human skin scales. That’s why these critters thrive by eating in and around our beds, pillows, sheets, carpets, and towels –&ndash all places where our skin scrapes off easily.

So what’s the big deal about dust mites? For starters, dust mite feces (the little critters’ ‘pooh’) is known to play a huge factor in causing allergies for children and adults alike. When get rid of their old skins, or die, these also play a factor in increasing allergy problems.

Other Allergy Sources

Other allergy-causing sources include pet dander from your dog or cat, cockroach feces (these pests must’ve had a breeding festival when those ‘I Love New York’ commercials first aired), pollen, and grass.

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