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Hiring A New York City Architect
To Remodel Your Condo Apartment

Why You Might Need An Architect

New York City architect design engineer to renovate your apartment and homeFew people realize how important an architect can be putting together all the elements of designing your new apartment. An architect should see the big picture, coordinating design, compliance with local laws and building codes, managing the construction process, and making sure that the contractors do their work with care and efficiency. An architect

In addition to helping you design the interior of your condo, a New York City architect can be invaluable helping you get any necessary construction permits and licenses from the Department of Buildings (“DOB”). If your neighborhood has been designated a landmarked district by the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, there’s a good chance you may need special permission for any window replacement or changes to the building facade outside your apartment.

Buying a home can be a stressful experience. Hiring an architect can be a necessary part of reducing that tension. Just like you pay a lawyer to deal with the legal issues involved with your condo purchase, you’re paying an architect to handle the DOB paperwork, construction and insurance issues required by your condo’s managing agent, and making sure that your contractors finish the job on time and under budget.

Difficulties With An Architect

According to the American Institute of Architect’s (“AIA”) New York Chapter, if the architect is an AIA member, then you should call the the AIA’s Code of Ethics & Ethics Department in Washington, D.C. by calling (202) 626-7300. If the architect you’re hiring is licensed in the State of New York State, you can also verify his or her current licensing status with the State’s Education Department.

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