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Finding Interior Design Advice
For Your New York City Condo

What An Interior Designer Can Help You Achieve

  New York City and Manhattan interior design consultants and designers   An interior designer can be a real asset in making your New York City home compatible with your lifestyle and personal taste. A designer’s task is to help you synthesize your aesthetic desires and practical needs. Are light, space, and color in balance? Do the elements of your condo home function cooperatively -- balancing light, space, and appropriate use of materials?

Just like buying your condo, you’ll need to plan a budget when working with a designer, and highlight your main goals. Are you seeking to add more light? Looking for some magic to make a cozy space feel larger than it really is?

A designer’s real talents can help you allocate and organize your resources to make your apartment’s space function effectively, whether for one persion or a large family.

Creating a kitchen with style, function, and efficiency is a frequent request of New York City condo owners. An interior designer and an architect knowledgeable about New York City's building code can work together to help you shape this “comfort zone” in your condominium.

New York law requires interior design professionals to be fully licensed, with a minimum of seven (7) years of professional training, includeing a combination of practical experience and academic study.

The Difference Between Interior Designers And Decorators

New York City interior designer tips for your apartment

An interior designer is a professional at space planning, integrating form with function. Desigers aren’t focused solely on aesthtetics and style; they must also help clients deal with important safety concerns of your apartment. New York law requires interior designers to pass a special examination conerning the State’s fire, safety and building codes. They have training on the use of light quality and quantity, ergonimics, and should have a good understand of acoustics to help you dampen or amplify sound requirements in your home.

A decorator, on the other hand, works only with surface decoration - paint, fabric, furnishings, lighting and other materials. Because no license is required, upholsterers, housepainters, and other tradespeople also claim the name “decorator.’

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